The education of farmers
and the disciplined implementation
of the "Nutrition-Agriculture" program
produced excitement and wonders
Agri Bio Nurtition Singapore


Product: Nutri Soil, Nutri Seed & Nutri Yield

Rice field harvest increased

"Paddy grew healthily, lesser pest & disease problems, harvested my paddy two weeks earlier than other plots. Over 5 crop cycles, my harvest increased from the initial 2.5MT/ ha by 30% (3.2MT/ ha) to 210% (7.8MT/ ha) despite poor soil conditions."

Mr Phat, (Farm Manager)
Rice Farm. Kg. Thom, Cambodia
Apr 2017

Strong plant after using the product

"Now other fields very serious downy mildew problem. But my young plants look very strong and more than other fields. It is constantly raining, so many water also my plant no problem. Now I see some fields have small plant brown color. My plants are ok. I use NutriSeed and Nutriyield. Plant stem very strong. Now result is good."

U Saw Min Thein
Melon farmer, Chaung-U, Myanmar
Jan 2018

Product: Nutri Guard & Bio Shield

golf field greens are restored

"Now my greens are 100% free from harmful nematicide and fungicide"

Mr Lee Chee Check (Golf Course Superintendant)
Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort, JB, M'sia
Sep 2016

Product: Nutri Yield

Fruits size increase greatly

"Nutri Yield is really amazing! Some orchids which never produce flowers for two years, has finally flowered after spraying Nutri Yield"

Mr. Mala (Farm owner)
Tuaran Orchid Farm. Sabah, M'sia
Feb 2017

Product: Nutri Size

Fruits size increase greatly

"Nutri Size made the bottle gourd grew tremendously in size and weight in just 24 hours with only one spray"

Daw Mar Mar Aung
Bago West District Manager
Sep 2017