Our Products
The products are environmentally friendly.
It is minerals and trace elements packed to
give the crops superior uptake efficiency and
all the nutrients required for healthy growth
and resistance to pest and diseases.
Agri Bio Nurtition Singapore


We provide consultancy services for plantations, orchards, green houses, landscape sites, golf courses, indoor farms, sports stadiums and any other crops related issues.

We diagnose and identify causes of plant problems relating to diseases and pests, soil imbalance, plant nutrition, climate related issues, irrigation and fertigation systems and farming methods.

We provide reports and recommendations for viable solutions.

We conduct seminars such as Nutrition farming, Soil Management, Microbes Management, Plant Management and Pest and Disease Management for all farming stakeholders.


    Nutri Soil

  • Soil Treatment:
  • Rich in organic Carbon
  • Improves soil structure & fertility
  • Improves water & nutrient retention in the soil
  • Increases nutrient uptake by plants
  • Stimulates beneficial microbes in the soil
  • Buffers soil pH & salinity
  • Accelerates humus building in the soil

  • Application:
  • Mix 2kg of Nutri Soil with 40kg of existing fertilizer (NPK, Urea, DAP, MKP, Guano etc) per acre per cropping cycle.
  • Mix 10ml of Liquid Nutri Soil/ L of water or 160ml/ 16L water in a back pack sprayer. Spray onto the soil and root zone twice a month for best result.


    Nutri Seed

  • Seed Treatment:
  • Contains broad spectrum minerals with essential trace elements
  • Improves seed germination rate
  • Reduces mortality rate
  • Produces better root mass and root establishment
  • Produces stronger & resilient seedlings
  • Promotes microbe activities around root zone
  • First 7 days of seed health determines the end quality

  • Application:
  • Spray 5ml of Nutri Seed per L water onto seedling tray after sowing
  • Soak exocarp seeds in 100ml of Nutri Seed per 50-100L water overnight (8 hours) before sowing onto the field the next morning


    Nutri Yield

  • Plant Treatment:
  • Contains a broad spectrum of 70 minerals
  • Increases nutrient uptake by 35%
  • Buffers pH & salinity of liquid fertilizers and chemicals
  • Promotes root, shoot, leave, flower & fruit growth
  • Reduces transplanting shock.
  • Increases efficacy of fertilizers & pesticides
  • Enhances microbe & earthworm population

  • Application:
  • 500ml of Nutri Yield per acre weekly for leafy veg, twice a month for fruiting veg (starts from transplanting stage to 1 week before harvest)
  • 500ml of Nutri Yield per acre monthly for fruit trees
  • 500ml of Nutri Yield per acre. First spraying when paddy is having 4-5 leaves, second spraying will be prior to flowering


    Nutri Size

  • Fruit Treatment:
  • Contains natural plant extract
  • Promotes fruit size, length, width and weight
  • Improves taste (higher brix level)
  • Improves fruit consistency & uniformity
  • Increases shelf life

  • Application:
  • Spray 2ml of Nutri Size per L of water on the fruit weekly commencing when the fruit is about 30% formed
  • Stop spraying once ripening process takes place


    Nutri Guard

  • Activates Plant Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR):
  • Contains high natural Phosphorus, Potassium & organic fungicide
  • Increases plant immune system naturally
  • Prevents and arrests disease spreading
  • Improves photosynthesis
  • Produces larger leaves and fruits
  • Application:
  • Curative - Spray 2g of Nutri Guard per L of water weekly to stop disease spreading
  • Preventive - Spray 1g of Nutri Guard per L of water weekly from seedling stage
  • Curative (liquid) - Mix 10ml of Nutri Guard/ L water or 160ml/ 16L water in a back pack sprayer.
  • Preventive (liquid) - Foliar spray twice a month for preventive or weekly of curative purpose.


    Nutri Shield

  • Controls External Diseases:
  • Contains a combination of 6 potent microbe
  • Protects plant from soil borne & air borne disease
  • Reduces thatch layer
  • Improves plant health
  • Improves water & air circulation in the soil
  • Assists in nutrient delivery from soil to plants
  • Accelerates composting process
  • Application:
  • Curative - 5g of Bio Shield per L water monthly
  • Preventive - 500g of Bio Shield per acre monthly